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Guanhao Biotech Co., Ltd. is a company focused on regenerative medicine and life sciences, expanding into biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, cells related technology and products, together with a tech incubator platform, forming a "3+1" industry layout.

In biomaterials, the company has established a globally competitive technology platform from animal-derived biomaterials after more than a decade's developing time. Relying on its leading level in the inducible regenerative functional biomaterials, the company has been involved in more than twenty national or local scientific projects and has become the national research center and the industrialization demonstration base in this field. Guanhao has been appointed by National Development and Reform Commission to set up the “National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Implantable Medical Devices” and the “State’s High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project”. The company holds hundreds of domestic and international patents and has marketed products including NormalGEN® dura repair patch, GrandNeuro® (Type B) dura repair patch, ThromalGEN® (Type P) surgical patch, ThromalGEN® (Type B) surgical patch, DermalGEN® wound dressing, IREAL® breast patch and Youvision® corneal graft, as well as our license in intraocular lens. There products can be widely used in neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics, cosmetology and so on.

In cells and stem cells, the company is involved in autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), immune cell bank, and the upcoming immune cell therapy. In the stem cell area, the company cooperates with the Professor Hongkui Deng's research team from Peking University and has established the Bei Hao Stem cell and Regenerative Research Institute, aiming to build up a world-class technology platform in immune cells and to gather global talents and technologies for translational stem cell research and development.

In pharmaceuticals, our subsidiaries, Guangdong Zhonghao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wenfeng Tianji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., have a First in Class drug  Benvitimod in China. Benvitimod is a non-hormonal small molecule chemical isolated from natural microbial metabolites. It can be used in the treatment of certain autoimmune diseases, for example, psoriasis. It was listed as “The 12th five-year plan” national “major new drug invention” major science and technology projects by the National Ministry of Science and Technology. In May 2019, Symbiox®, commodity name for Benvitimod, was approved to be marketed through the priority approval procedure of the State Drug Administration. The product is used locally for the treatment of mild to moderate stable psoriasis in adults.

In tech incubator, Guanhao Life and Health Incubator  starts an incubation mode of "listed company + Incubator + industry fund", building a professional industry-finance interactive life-health innovation and entrepreneurship Incubation platform in China, providing overall solution of entrepreneurship projects and packaging services of industrialization transformation. In December 2017, Guanhao Life and Health Incubator was award state-level science and technology incubator.

Company will continue to integrate resources around regenerative medicine and life sciences, expanding into biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, cells related technology and products, and enhancing the transformation of industrialization, to make Guanhao a first-class provider for products, technologies and services in regenerative medicine industry.

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Guangzhou Headquarters

Guangzhou Headquarters

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Beijing Office

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